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Paracosm Labs

It’s All In Your Mind


What We Are Working On

We definitely dream big here at the labs and have a few things in store, but for our first trick – *pulls back sleeves* – we are making Lucid DreamingThe experience of knowing that you are dreaming while you are still dreaming. accessible to anyone. Our device is called Kenshō, it uses neuromodulationUsing imperceptible low current stimulation to change brain states. to induce the state of awareness in dreams, effortlessly.

Sleep will never be the same. We all know and accept that we need sleep, and we are told it is how the body and mind restore themselves, but when is the last time you truly woke up refreshed and restored? How about waking up joyful and optimistic? It’s possible.

You have a photorealistic, hi resolution, fully immersive Virtual Reality, built-in. It allows for adventures beyond within your wildest dreams, and transformations like in no other state of consciousness.

Want to learn more about lucid dreaming? Start here.

The Team

Jay Mutzafi

Jay Mutzafi

Founder, CEO

Jay is a lucid dreaming reseacher & practitioner, and is the host of the Lucid Dreaming Podcast.

Morgan Catha

Morgan Catha

Founder, CTO

Morgan is an Electrical and Mechanical engineer.

Stay Tuned!

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